Juice to U 3 Day Detox: Day 1

After being ill recently, and putting on some weight this year, I decided that a detox is required. I have heard so many good things about doing juice cleanses, that I thought it was about time I gave it a go, and naturally I decided to blog my way through it!

I ordered the 3 Day Detox on Sunday night, and the juices were delivered to work on Tuesday lunchtime, so I popped them in the fridge all excited to start on Wednesday morning!

The guide which arrives with all the juices

Day 1

I woke up, not so bright or early, and went to let my Rabbit have a run around the living room, at this point I would usually make a cup of tea, however as no caffeine is allowed while detoxing, I had a pint of water. Good start, although not quite the same to be honest – although it is only for 3 days so I’m sure I can cope!

I was also given a lemon when I received my juices, which I cut in half and put into the bottom of one of my fruit water bottles, to sip through the morning! My boyfriend looked very entertained at this.

Morning juice

I got to work rather peckish, and took out my first juice, which is very green although it actually doesn’t taste bad at all! Result. By 12 I was hungry again, and had my lunchtime juice, which helped with the hunger for about an hour. Then I was hungry again, and I had a slight headache. This was been compounded by one of my delightful colleagues bringing a McDonalds into the office. That was not good. I’m officially Hangry, Bring on the 3.30 juice.

I would describe the last couple of juices for the day as blah. The 3.30pm juice was the same as the 9am juice, and although it did help me to not want to kill anyone, it wasn’t ideal. The 6pm juice however, was really lovely – nice and sweet with berries, unfortunately I was still hungry afterwards! A little tip for these times, drink ice cold water. It seemed to help! Also to keep myself entertained I read a new book:

This book is hilarious, and brilliant to read when you are dieting! Basically the gist of it is the author, Rebecca Harrington tries lots of crazy celebrity diets to see which ones worked, which ones don’t, and which ones leave you wanting to climb a wall. It’s hilarious, and makes you feel a lot better about having to drink nice tasting juices!

On the plus side, I weighed myself on the morning of Day 2, and I’ve lost 2lbs! Result!

Look out for days 2 and 3!

Lots of love
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