Holiday Time: Cannes and Monaco

I have recently come back from a very nice trip to the South of France, as my boyfriend and I went on holiday in Cannes! We had perfect weather, and really enjoyed mooching around a lot, eating so much delicious food and taking a trip to Monaco. I hope you enjoy a few (I did try to cut down) holiday snaps!

Food is a big part of my holiday experience! From Prosecco on the flight, to local favourites (I love Moules Frites) and if I’m anywhere near Ladurée I have to get some macarons.

One thing I loved about being in Cannes was the variety of things there, if you wanted a beach holiday you could one, if you want culture, it’s there; and there is also a lot of history to the area. Oh yes, and shopping; including Ladurée…



After a wonderful stay at Hotel des Orangers we reluctantly returned home, although it was made a little better by using the airport lounge at Nice Cotes d’Azur Airport!
I hope you enjoyed my pictures, we certainly had a lovely holiday to Cannes and Monaco, and I would recommend that you visit there at some point, there really is something for everyone! For more of my adventures, follow me on Instagram.
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