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Wanderlust: My top 5 travel wishlist

I have recently found myself in a constant state of wanderlust, and although I have started to go to a few more places, there are lots more that I really want to visit….
1) New York

I think that New York is probably going to be the ultimate city break, and hopefully my boyfriend and I are going to head over there around March! I am so excited about that it’s unreal…
2) Montenegro

I keep reading articles about how Montenegro is a really up and coming beach destination, which makes sense seeing as it is just down the coast from Croatia! It seems quite reasonably priced, and I definitely want my next beach break to be there!
3) Marrakesh

I have long wanted to visit Marrakesh, the Jardin Majorelle is said to be one of the most beautiful gardens, and was beloved by Yves Saint Laurent and Pierres Bergé. I also really want to visit the markets, which are meant to be incredible.
4) Stockholm

I have yet to visit any Scandinavian country, and I think that Sweden would be a great place to start, and Stockholm in particular is a place I would love to visit. It was the European Capital of Culture in 1998, and only seems to have grown since then, with a large and varied art scene, lots of eclectic neighbourhoods and a huge variety of food. Count me in!
5) Santorini

There is one reason why I want to visit Santorini… the sunset is meant to be one of the most beautiful ones ever. Santorini is a volcanic greek island which is famous for it’s beaches, buildings, weather and sea; basically the perfect end of summer holiday location!
Is there anywhere that you think I need to add to my travel wishlist? Let me know in the comments below!
Lots of love
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  • Milly Youngman

    October 26, 2015 at 11:31 pm

    Ahh these pictures are amazing! Santorini is definitely on my holiday bucket list, it just looks so luxurious and breathtaking! Plus, all the Greek food. I've been to New York but it was when I was 16, a while ago now, and I'd love to go and see it from an adult (read: old enough to sip Cosmopolitans while wearing my sunnies in February) perspective. You can sometimes get some really cheap last minute Broadway show tickets in Times Square by the way, if you end up going and fancy a show 🙂

    Milly // Mini Adventures


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