You can never have enough MAC…

So, while I was in Cannes I was wandering around, and happened to come across a MAC store, so naturally I had to have a little wander in and made a few purchases!
I am constantly searching for the perfect nude, and one I have been keen to add to my collection is Velvet Teddy… however tracking down a store when it is out of stock everywhere was really hard! However, in France, it turned out not to be an issue! Apparently the Kylie Jenner lip craze hasn’t struck as hard there!

I never used to bother buying lip pencils to go with my lipsticks, but now I realise what an asset they are, and always get one to go with any new lipstick. The girl in MAC suggested this one, and I think it’s fab.

Continuing on the lip pencil requirements, I bought Ruby Woo lipstick quite a while ago, but I didn’t get the lip liner… I love the colour but bleeding lipstick especially in bright red is literally the worst thing in the world, and it has meant I don’t wear it as much as I would like. Problem is now solved, I have bought the liner!

Another item that I have been considering for a while was the Prep + Prime Lip Base, and seeing as how I’m currently massively into matte lipsticks, I decided it was the perfect time to buy it! Definitely no regrets, I always use it under mattes and it makes them look so much better. Also if I am having a dry lip day I use it under any other formula, and it makes the lipsticks go on so much easier and they stay on much more evenly if that makes sense!



I hope you have enjoyed reading this, as always I’m sure my next MAC trip isn’t going to be far off, and if there is anything new you think I need to try out let me know!
Lots of love
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