Top 5 Tuesday: Christmas Films

Merry Christmas Everyone!!
Sorry, I had to get that out my system. Right, on with the post…
Seeing as it’s nearly Christmas, and I haven’t done a Top 5 Tuesday for a while, I thought a festive one was due! So without further ado my Top 5 Christmas Films!!!
1) A Christmas Princess
This is a brilliant terrible film, if you know what I mean! The plot is typical, the acting is fairly rubbish, but it is such a feel good film I love it to bits, and watch it several times over Christmas, and occasionally throughout the rest of the year!!
2) Annie Claus is Coming To Town
This is a typical made for TV Christmas film, and it’s absolutely amazing! It’s about Santa’s daughter Annie, who takes her first ever trip away from the North Pole to visit California to have an adventure and find love. This is such a happy feel good film, I love it!
3) Love Actually
Just because, who doesn’t adore Love Actually!!!!!
4) The Holiday
So many people haven’t seen this film but it is incredible! I mean, look at the cast, Jude Law, Cameron Diaz, Jack Black and Kate Winslet! It’s a really wonderful Christmas film, and I can’t recommend that you watch it enough!
5) Home Alone (1-3)
I absolutely love the Home Alone films (although I’m not a huge fan of 4!), and seeing as they are a series, I’m going to put them all into my Top 5!!
Let me know what you think of my film choices in the comments below, and if you think I need to watch any other Christmas films over the holidays!
Lots of love

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