One of my favourite seasonal collections is always Lush, and their Christmas one this year was particularly fabulous! I did get some in November, but I got over excited and used them before I had time to photograph them! However, in the Boxing Day sales I decided to treat myself to a couple of boxes, and this time I did actually get around to taking some pictures!
The boxes that I got were Snow Fairy’s Castle and Home for Christmas, which contain a big variety of things!
Contents of the Snow Fairy's Castle box

Contents of the Snow Fairy’s Castle box

Snow Fairy’s Castle was full of pink sparkly items, which I know that some people aren’t a big fan of, but I love a pink sparkly bath! I’m normally a shower person, but on a Sunday night (right after the #bbloggers chat usually) I always have a nice long soak!

Lush Review
The bath looks amazing when the bubble wand is in it! Everything goes pink and sparkly, and the bubbles get huge! It’s fantastic, literally the best thing ever to get me ready for the next week ahead!

Lush Review
I have been using the snow fairy shower gel since the christmas collection launched – it is bubblegum sweet, which can sometimes get a bit much, but I really like it. The only downside to snow fairy is that I find the glitter sinks to the bottom after a while, which is infuriating! However standing it on it’s head for a while seems to solve that issue.
Fairy dust is fun, but I’m not entirely sure what its purpose is! Basically it is pink, sweet smelling glittery powder…. I put it on for the weekend, when I felt like being sparkly, but I’m not sure I would ever put it on before work!

Lush Review

The Home for Christmas box is the complete opposite of the Snow Fairy – not glittery or sickly in the slightest! Rose Jam is beautiful, although I am biased as Rose is one of my favourite scents. You also get Yog Nog Soap, which I haven’t yet used and Dream Cream hand and body lotion, which is fantastic – and doesn’t hurt my eczema at all!

Lush Review
Did you get anything in the lush sale? Which seasonal products do you like? I can’t wait for the valentines stuff, keep your eye out for them on here!
Lots of love

Written by Briony Crew


Briony Crew

They are definitely my favourite products! If you like that sweet scent, you should smell Treacle Moon Marshmallow hearts bath and shower gel! I picked it up in Tesco the other day and it's amazing!! x


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