Zoeva Brushes

A while ago, I did my first review of Zoeva brushes and after 18 months of using them, I can still say that I absolutely love them, they are still incredibly soft, and hardly shed at all when I wash them.
Zoeva Brushes Review
Therefore I have decided to replace some more of my brushes with Zoeva ones! The ones I bought this time around are all individual, as opposed to a set, because I was working on filling in some gaps within my collection!
Zoeva Brushes Review

Brushes Bought…

The brushes are:
  1. Luxe Highlight
  2. Luxe Face Paint
  3. Luxe All Over Shader
  4. Luxe Smokey Shader
  5. Luxe Eye Blender
  6. Smudger
  7. Brow Line
  8. Luxe Precise Shader

Yet again I find myself really impressed with how soft and densely packed these brushes are – I think they are incredible value when you consider the most expensive one I bought myself was £11, which is a fraction of the price of MAC brushes.

Zoeva Brushes Review

I didn’t have any brush which was similar to Luxe Face Paint, it is designed to be used as a contour brush, with dense soft bristles which pick up a decent amount of product and blend it seamlessly into the skin.

The Luxe Highlight brush is designed to be used as described – to highlight cheekbones, nose, cupid’s bow or cleavage.

The other brushes I got are varying degrees of eyeshadow brushes, combinations of shaders, blenders and smudgers as well as an eyebrow brush. So far I think that the 226 smudged is my favourite – it is incredible for blending a smoky eye!

Zoeva Brushes Review

So to surmise, if you are after some reasonably priced brushes I definitely recommend the Zoeva ones, and I hope that these last as long as my original Rose gold collection!
Let me know if you have tried any Zoeva brushes, and if there are any essential ones you think I need to get in the comments below.
Lots of Love


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