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28 Day Wellness Challenge

Like many people, I haven’t had the easiest time over the last 12 months, and after having the summer to relax a little bit, I decided that in September I would refocus, and to aid this, I would create a 28 day wellness challenge to follow. I like 28 days, a nice and tidy 4 week block, which is usually enough time to kick me up the bum and help set me straight again!

So, what am I going to be doing you might wonder? Watch my intro video below!

As you can see this 28 day wellness challenge takes a holistic view to your health, and I want to not just focus on physical needs but also mental ones. Doing things like journalling, focussing on affirmations and working on a pet project, will give you direction throughout the month, and hopefully help you establish what is important to you. I’ve also put housework in there – I feel this is underrated, as I truly think that if you can keep a tidy home, it goes a long way to help you have a tidy mind.

Want to join me? Save this image, and tick it off every day!

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