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Renovating an antique chair

Throughout the covid pandemic, I enjoyed learning some new skills, one of which is renovating furniture. The first piece that I did was renovating an antique chair which involved me learning how to sand it down, filler in some of the sections, French polish it, create the webbing base, then do the main filling before finally adding in the upholstery material and edging! I was very proud of myself!

Chair stripped down
Fully renovated antique chair

Renovating an antique chair was a really great project for me, as I had to learn a lot of skills I hadn’t previously considered, I definitely made a few mistakes along the way, and some of my work isn’t exactly the neatest, as you can see! However I think for my first attempt it was pretty good! I’m looking forward to doing some more renovations in the future, I have an antique wardrobe which used to be my nan’s arriving in a few weeks, I’m really looking forward to that! I also have 3 dining chairs which I need to do, although they’re much simpler (she says now) than this one!

I usually post on instagram when I’m doing renovations – follow me there to see my work as it’s happening!

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