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I’m Briony, I’m a 30-something woman who lives in Cheshire and works in marketing. I've been focussed on my career, mental health, and physical health for a few years and decided to restart this blog (believe it or not, it was a beauty blog for many years) to create a space where I can share all sorts of things that I enjoy, as well as what I am doing to improve my life.

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28 day wellness challenge

28 Day Wellness Challenge

Like many people, I haven’t had the easiest time over the last 12 months! I’ve definitely hit the point where 2022 can’t come quick enough, and I’m looking forward to the fresh start and clean slate. To help me maximise my opportunity, I am redoing the  28 day wellness challenge I started in September. I like 28 days, a nice and tidy 4 week block, which is usually enough time to kick me up the bum and help set me straight again!

So, what am I going to be doing you might wonder? Watch my intro video from September below!

As you can see this 28 day wellness challenge takes a holistic view to your health, and I want to not just focus on physical needs but also mental ones. Doing things like journalling, focussing on affirmations and working on a pet project, will give you direction throughout the month, and hopefully help you establish what is important to you. I’ve also put housework in there – I feel this is underrated, as I truly think that if you can keep a tidy home, it goes a long way to help you have a tidy mind.

Want to join me? Save this image, and tick it off every day!

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