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I’m Briony, I’m a 30-something woman who lives in Cheshire and works in marketing. I've been focussed on my career, mental health, and physical health for a few years and decided to restart this blog (believe it or not, it was a beauty blog for many years) to create a space where I can share all sorts of things that I enjoy, as well as what I am doing to improve my life.

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Completed wheel of life template example

The Wheel of Life

The wheel of life is a visual representation of the way your life is currently, and you can use it as part of your goal-setting activities and as a base for scripting your ideal life in law of attraction activities. This is so powerful for your mindset work, as without clarity in areas you are struggling in – how are you going to resolve the issues and make the changes?

It’s a powerful tool because there is no hiding from it, your life is right there in front of you, the positive, and also the negative, for you to review side by side. If you’ve been feeling a bit unbalanced recently, it’s a really valuable exercise to do, because it will help you work out which areas of your life you maybe lacking in, so you can start working on them. Personally, I’ve used this most when I’ve been feeling low and a bit lost. The clarity it can help provide is great, if a little brutal!

In this post, I just want to introduce the concept of the wheel of life. Going forward though we’ll have some individual posts on each section, and then at the end, I’ll show you how you can use your results to script your ideal life and bring in some amazing law of attraction practices.

As you can see below, the wheel of life looks at 8 different areas of your life: Job & career, Finances, Fun & recreation, Health, Romance, Personal growth, Physical environment and Friends & family. The overall idea is that you look at each area and give yourself a mark out of 10 for how happy you currently are with how it’s going, and plot it onto the diagram.

Wheel of life tool

When you have been through each section, your finished diagram will look something like this and you can make a start in establishing what you want to improve on, and how you would like your life to look!

Completed wheel of life tool

Download your wheel of life template

Download the wheel of life template here, and keep an eye out for the upcoming posts where we look at each section in more detail!


Let me know in the comments how you find this exercise and if you think it’s a useful guide as you are deciding how to improve your life and shape your future!

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